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Life Coaching • Communication • Yoga & Meditation Retreats

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Your life. Your story. Your creation.

Every story deserves to be told and heard.
Your own story, that of your life. 
People need space to develop in order to be able to design her or his individual path.

This is a place for sustainable development - personal and professionally.

The aim is to provide you with agile support in your change and development process on various levels:

  • Personal or professional development

  • In your Yoga practice & with meditations

  • Support and consulting in building your indipendent business

  • Short breaks, time-outs and retreats 

Thanks to expert knowledge and experience in coaching, Yoga, personal development and communications, I will accompany you holistically on the way to your goals.

Oder hast du Lust, dich erst einmal mit dir selbst und deiner mentalen Entwicklung zu beschäftigen?

Dann lade dir gerne das E-book "Mentale Gesundheit - das Geheimnis innerer Balance" für nur 1€ (Code: INNER_BALANCE) herunter und tauche ein in 12 Tipps zu mentaler Stärke für deinen Alltag.

Mehr Infos zu allen Angeboten für deine Reise zu dir selbst

Persönliche Entwicklung

Personal development:

Life & business coaching


Workshops and seminars


Personal development:

Life & business coaching


Workshops and seminars

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Retreats for personal development,  

Business mindset retreats,  

Yoga retreats

Why do you need a coach? When does coaching make sense and for whom?

As Bill Gates told us: “Everyone needs a coach” - in short, everyone and always. Looking at the "why":

Setting goals is one thing, achieving them is another. In order to start with the implementation, not to lose motivation and courage, or simply to progress faster, the right mindset and your own development are essential.

​A next level awaits you, change in the company, new challenges in general - that can be overwhelming. In mentoring or mediation, as well as in life coaching, we take on the change and go step by step, consider new perspectives and find solutions to obstacles on the way.

In life - privately and professionally - and also in companies there are always phases that you have to "get through" and in which it is important to keep your head high. A coaching program or mentoring is helpful for more clarity in times when one loses sight of the goal or a new one has to be defined.​

Who likes standing still? No one. But nobody likes to “develop somewhere” without sense or meaning either. In the field of personal development and life coaching, we learn to use potentials, recognize strengths and design a plan with which to move forward.

Together we want to recognize your resources, uncover your potential and develop solutions - this way you will be accompanied in the implementation of your projects and, where necessary, supported at eye level. I am looking forward to our collaboration!

What clients and retreat participants say

"Nadine, you are such a wonderful, honest, kind, inspiring person. You have shown me that there is so much "out there" to discover and that I have all the possibilities!"

Andrea, 32

Who is La Travelista?

I am Nadine, "La Travelista", digital nomad, Coach, Yoga teacher (200h RYT) and communicator and I will help you to achieve your goals - private and professionally. Why and how I do this, briefly summarized below.

My values: freedom, creativity and inspiration. These three are my driving forces and motivate me every day. Based on them, I built my business and the concept behind it.

FREEDOM - be independent, make yourself free, think freely, feel free. I convey this value to clients and customers: Not being dependent on something or someone, not even on me as a coach or mentor. The goal of coaching and personal development is always that after the end of our work together you have enough tools to continue independently.

CREATIVITY - in private as well as in business and in companies (especially in start-ups and SMEs) it is important to remain flexible, to be able to embrace changes and to “reinvent” yourself if necessary. And yet not to forget your own essence. We have the ability to create - during our collaboration we will devote ourselves extensively to this value.

INSPIRATION - Growing together, passing on motivation, building something, helping and being able to change. That's my inspiration, that's why I decided to become a coach: supporting self-employed people and small companies or people who just want to develop personally - that's why I love my job. And that's why at the beginning of our work there are always the questions: What inspires you? Where should the journey go and why?


Time for a change – but where to start? Are you ready to build up your own business? Send me your questions on everything about coaching & marketing, book me as a speaker or write me a message regarding cooperations.

I’m looking forward to reading your messages!

Message received, thanks!

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