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Life, society, everything that surrounds us nowadays is very demanding and constantly changing. Social and professional demands are increasing and we are "forced" to remain open and dynamic in order to adapt to the rapid pace.

That is why personal development is fundamental for everyone: strengthening social and personal skills. To train self-competence and self-regulation, to reflect, to learn and to integrate the newly learned into the behavior. In this way we all contribute to being healthy, happy and satisfied in our daily lives and to shaping the other areas of life with joy.

What is personal development?

Personal development is made up of three components. Self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-change. All three components are interdependent and jointly pursue the goal of developing your personality in such a way that you become more capable of acting and more independent. Typical topics that are dealt with within personal development:

  • Recognize personal strengths and act confident and successfully

  • Learn, try new things, go forward courageously

  • Analyze habits and behaviors and change them if necessary

  • Set goals and act proactively

  • Conflict and problem solving for a happier and more relaxed life

  • Overcoming fears and limits for more self-confidence and inner strength

How does one develop personally?

There are all kinds of tools and assistance to develop yourself personally and professionally. What I offer is classic life coaching, meditation and Yoga - you choose the tool that suits you best. In case you're not sure, which one is the right path for you, we'll figure it out together.

Do you want to start your journey and improve your relationship with yourself?

I look forward to being your companion in your personal development.

What clients and retreat participants say

"Nadine has such an incredibly beautiful way with words that add real depth and value to the yoga classes. She allows me to connect more deeply with myself and my yoga practice.
You can feel her love and passion."

Sophie, 26

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