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Personal development & body awareness

Travelista Retreats - Time for you. Time to be. Time to enjoy.

Retreat = place of withdraw, place of peace


The English word “retreat” stands for a planned spiritual break or retreat from the familiar surroundings.

If you research the word further, you will come up with exactly what we want to achieve together in the retreat holidays:

  • Leave everyday life behind and take a break

  • To withdraw, to have time for yourself

  • Learning to let go and take a breath

  • Don't have to prove yourself

  • Pamper your body, mind and soul

 What can you expect from a “Travelista Retreat Vacation”? 

Unique locations

In "Travelista-Style": Due to my many trips and my love for extraordinary places, I of course also choose exactly those locations for the retreats where you can feel good vibes as soon as you enter.

Intimate atmosphere and group dynamics

You should feel cared for and noticed. And this is best done in small groups, in which individual needs can be addressed.

Holistic wellness

Workshops for personal development, yoga for physical fitness, excellent food for body & soul. You may look forward to wellness for your whole being.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart"

My motto that I would like to pass on to you: Enjoy life in the here and now, with all your senses and sometimes outside of your comfort zone. Be curious!

Click here for information about retreat vacations, which I realize by myself or with my project "NAJI retreats".

I'm looking forward to see you in one of them.

What clients and retreat participants say

"The time here at the yoga retreat with Nadine and Jill was a very special time for me personally. The energy that prevailed here and the wonderful group dynamic. It's incredible how quickly you can feel connected to people you didn't know before."
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Mario, 35

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