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“You studied acting AND marketing? How does that go together?”

I don’t know how many times I have heard this question. Regardless of being in a job interview or in conversations with friends. For me the road doesn’t need to be straight – I realized that at quite an early age. I love challenges and most of all: I’m curious. So why not try out and develop your own creativity, approve it, or sometimes even change directions?

So far my road lead me to many places and positions which couldn’t be more diverse. Starting from theater and movie, moving on to advertising agencies and medical marketing, leading to food and event management including building up a marketing department as leader ending with being a freelancer.

That doesn’t mean that I’m a feather in the wind. If anything, I learned, I challenged myself and I drew lessons from all the different stages I went through. That’s why, with clear conscience, I can use all my knowledge for you in different areas such as strategy, online and social media marketing, texting and graphics as well as coaching. 

To answer the question: 

Acting taught me to work with people, to get involved with different characters and situations, to talk in front of people and to fascinate them. Now being a coach and a speaker these skills help me more than ever – and that’s what my clients benefit from.  

Here I can help you:

  • Motivation and courage for your dreams and goals

  • Strengthen your self-confidence

  • Develop your potential so that you can use it to the full

  • Find out what "living a happy life" means to you

  • Find the right job for you

  • Everything to do with foreign countries and travel

  • Feel completely at ease with and in your body and your sexuality

I'm a hero because ...

​... you can and should be the hero and creator of your life! I too have had my difficulties with all these topics and I know exactly what it feels like when I lose my courage or when I think I am not good enough.

... I am convinced that there is an incredible potential in each of us, which we sometimes do not use.


... it means a lot to me to inspire people and see them grow.

How is the coaching going now?

Step 1

Fill out the contact form below and tell me a little bit about yourself and why you would like to coach me. Let me know what you need help with. I will get in touch with you within a few days and we will arrange a short phone call to get to know each other and find out whether we can imagine coaching together.

step 2

If so, we will arrange a 1-hour zoom call, our first joint coaching session.

step 3

Look forward to getting to know each other and our first coaching session, in which we will deal directly with your topics together :)


Are you not yet of legal age? Then I need your parents' consent so that we can work together.  Download the document here and send it to me before your first coaching session.

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Let's get talking!

Time for a change – but where to start? Are you ready to build up your own business? Send me your questions on everything about coaching & marketing, book me as a speaker or write me a message regarding cooperations.

I’m looking forward to reading your messages!

Message received, thanks!

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