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"Each individual is a drop, together we are a sea." 
Ryunosuke Satoro, Japanese author



Jill Grawert 

yoga teacher

For Nadine, yoga means the ability to change and mindfulness in each of us. After training at the Desa Seni School of Yoga in Bali, she has been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga since 2017.


As a teacher, she sees her role as sharing her passion for yoga and helping people become happier with the methods of yoga practice. She combines creative and dynamic movement sequences with a clear alignment of the body.

Participants in her classes learn to treat themselves with kindness and compassion, and to relax with things as they are. You learn to let go and find more balance and satisfaction on this path.


Isabell Heinrich.jpg

Isabelle Heinrich

Yoga teacher // coach for business development // podcast host

A passionate travel blogger, yoga teacher and Instagram business coach, Isabelle travels the world helping other women find their freedom, independence and gain visibility on Instagram.

For Isabelle, joie de vivre comes first and with her motto "WHY NOT" she faces all challenges with joy.


Franziska Trebuth

Practice for traditional Chinese medicine in Munich // author of cookbooks // complementary medicine // naturopath

In her practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Franziska meets people with a holistic view at eye level. The focus is on acupuncture & nutrition. 

Franziska is as the daughter of Beatrice Trebuth, who published the bestseller "The Five Elements Cookbook" in 1993 and thus created the term "Five Elements Diet", deeply rooted in the knowledge of this unique TCM diet. Authenticity begins with the roots and so today she is an expert and role model for a healthy diet lived daily. Undogmatic, and full of joy and pleasure.

In order to pass on this practical knowledge, Franziska gives retreats, cooking classes, workshops and trains nutritionists.

Michi Egner.JPG

Michaela Egner

Mindset & Human Design Mentor

As a Mindset & Human Design mentor, Michaela is passionate about bringing more self-determination and individuality into the world. Formerly employed as a freight forwarder, Michaela left the 9-5 job and moved to Ibiza for 8 summers.


Meanwhile she is self-employed, founded @globelifejourney and accompanies people on their way to a free, location-independent and self-determined life.

With self-study courses, 1:1 mentoring and offline events, you can find a very individual and suitable way for your own self-realization with Michaela.

More YOU, more self-determination & freedom!

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