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  Endlessly Feminine.  

  August 3-10, 2024 | Cala Benirras, Ibiza  

What will you get from this retreat?

#1 Embodiement. Intuition. Power.
Reconnect to your authentic self, to your intiution, your inner strength in order to let your light shine even brighter.

#2 Understanding the beauty of the feminine energy

What is masculine and feminie energy and does one of them need healing? Let yourself immerse into your feminine energy and enjoy to the fullest.

#3 Letting your sensuality flow

We are sensual beings, we have beautiful bodies and gentle minds. Let's discover the the power of your own sensuality.

Welcome, Goddess.

I invite you to a week of sisterhood, of experiencing the beauty of being a women, finding your voice, your sensuality, your gentleness and your power of creation. Let yourself be open to new experiences, to flow and to enjoy.


You will have time to discover your spiritual side as well as the island of Ibiza with its own mysitc vibe and breathtaking bays and beaches. 

It's time to show the world your inner goddess!

August 3 -10, 2024

Cala Benirras, Ibiza

  • Yin & Yang Yoga with meditations and breathwork

  • Workshops to tap into and awaken the your Divine feminine energy, find your inner light and enjoy your sensuality

  • Mala Session & Body Painting

  • Nurturing Me-Time

  • Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

  • Sleep in a single or double/twin room

  • Accommodation only 10 min walking distance from the beach Cala Benirras with lots of outdoor spaces, hammocks, Yoga Shala and a swimming pool


What clients and retreat participants say

“What an incredible journey. A deeply moving, deeply transformative inner journey. Many thanks for making the retreat so magical and overall special.”
Screenshot (104).png

Claudia, 27

What's awaiting me?

"You deserve to be in environments that bring out the softness in you, not the survival in you."

Ronne Brown


Arrival Day
16:00 - Arrival

17:00 - Welcome and Yoga
19:00 Uhr - Dinner

Following Days

7:00 - Starting the morning with juice, tea and fruits


7:30 - Active Yang Yoga and Meditation or Sensual Slow Flow
10:30 - Brunch
Free time to discover the island, to have a massage or just to relax and be.

The workshops and ceremonies will be held either after brunch or before or after the evening session - you will receive the detailed agenda just before the retreat.

A light lunch will be served during the day (in the house or to go option).
18:30 Uhr - Yin Yoga or breathwork
20:00 - Dinner

Check Out Day

8:00 - Active Yang Yoga
:30 - Breakfast
Check-out of the rooms until 11:00

*subject to change

Ablauf & Team

Nadine Speer

Body & Mind Coach // Yoga Teacher 

"We are all travellers of our journey within."

The journey through our own lives and towards ourselves, our essence is continuous. Both in yoga and in coaching, we take the same values ​​with us that you might ascribe to a trip to a new country: curiosity, inspiration, authenticity and joy of life.

For me, yoga means the ability to change mindfully and with ease that we have in us - the more we look inside ourselves and know our body and mind, the more we can face our life in the here and now.


My top priority is to meet everyone openly and without prejudice exactly where they are in life, to inspire and help you to discover your own potential to flow through life with ease - ​I know that everyone carries a great power inside that sometimes just waits to be used.

I'm honored to introduce you to these beautiful goddesses who will be working with me in this retreat and holding spaces for you.

Hi, I'm Madeleine.

I'm a consultant for transpersonal psychotherapy and a mentor for personal and spiritual development. And just like you a person who lives through experiences on this earth.


My life and work are about self-discovery, creativity & spirituality. I'm holding women's circles, workshops and I am helping you to find and create your own personal and unique MALA (meditation necklace).


Hi, I'm Kia.

A lover of crystal clear waters, fiery red sunsets and silent sunrises, I have lived in Ibiza for the last 24 years, where I teach and organize Kundalini yoga retreats and teacher trainings. I'm trained in psychotherapy body work and I defines myself as the eternal student. 

My Kundalini Amore retreats project  is based on the belief that “Love is all there is, the source - force at the root of all things in life.” To move towards this paradigm it is essential to deepen the practice, connect with each other, remember who we truly are, our true identity (our Sat Naam) and recognize the same light within each and everyone. And together tune into a high vibration, the vibration of Love.

The wonderful masseus Noemi is responsible for deeper relaxation. She specializes in chiromassage, osteopathy and body awareness. Her focus is very much on feeling and hearing each body, finding the tensions and using breathing to go into a deep release.

Location Casa Colibri

Casa Colibri welcomes you in Mediterranean style with palm and fruit trees in the north of Ibiza, a 10-minute walk away from Cala Benirras and its famous sunsets. Hammocks to relax in and a pool await you.

The Casa is a typical finca with wooden ceilings, furnished and decorated with love in Ibiza boho style with an Arabic touch. It is surrounded by lots of nature and greenery - a place where you will feel right at home.


Homemade local food will be cooked for you, with fresh and local ingredients. Vegetarian and vegan options are waiting for you. Tell us about your diet when you book and let us surprise you. We want you to feel great from the inside out.

Image by Katharina Roehler

I'm ready to be endlessly feminine!

I'm ready to unleash my inner Goddess and would like to join the FEMINFINITY retreat - I'm reserving my spot now!

Date: April 3-10, 2024 

What is included?

  • Daily Yoga classes & meditations (incl. equipment)

  • Special Activations & Workshops for your feminine energy

  • Healing massage

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • Brunch, light lunch, snacks, dinner, water & tea

  • Private house with pool, garden, terrasses and chill outs

  • Twin or single rooms 

  • 10 min walk to the famous Cala Benirras

Value of 8 days FEINIFINITY:

from 1.950 €

If you are coming with someone, please write his/her name down and choose between 2 single beds or a double bed.

Thank you!

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